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Oct 2, 2012 12:00pm EDT
controversial voter i.d. law from taking effect this november, the same law that won top state republican said would help mitt romney win pennsylvania. most republicans usually don't admit as much, prefrg to frame their efforts around, quote, preventing voter fraud. but in a twist it appears that republicans may be the ones responsible for all the suspicious activity this year. last week the rnc fired a group called strategic allied consulting after accused of submitting fraudulent voter registration forms. if the republican party was shocked, perhaps it shouldn't have been. the firm is owned by a gop operative named nathan stroul sproul whose voter activities were investigated by the justice department though no charges filed. in a sign of people who want to legitimately exercise their right to vote, voters in ohio slept on the street overnight to be the first to cast their ballots when early voting began this morning in that state. joining us now is the host of politics nation, here on msnbc, the one, the only, reverend al sharpton. great to see you. >> glad to be here. >> le
Oct 4, 2012 12:00pm EDT
$1.4 million increase at least according to the law of mathematics on planet earth. hugo, this is the question, right? >> you're not going to ask me a math question? >> no. i know what the strong suits at this table are. but you know, there is -- we've talked about the wall of obfuscation. we've spent some time in this program talk about style over substance. can mitt romney get away with just saying this stuff? there's an article, cover story in "time" magazine saying the american public is increasingly less and less concerned about facts. >> i guess that's the big we'll see here. i think that the -- as some commentators noted, there's a lot of fodder in there for nice ads for the obama campaign to drive a truck through some of these ambiguities, vaguenesses, misstatements, whatever they are, and i guess we'll see that. i -- you know, again, i think the big thing is how he says it. he seemed nimble on his feet and seemed -- he seemed to believe what he was saying, which is a big part of persuasion. i think you know, i mean when you hear numbers, it does get very confusing. i don't kn
Oct 8, 2012 12:00pm EDT
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Oct 5, 2012 12:00pm EDT
by law, which is again reassuring the rest of the conservative base, the guys we still got you. >> you make the right point. i cannot imagine that mitt romney -- mitt romney is going to get up in front of the big crowds of conservative base supporters and say remember the debate, how great i did, i guarantee he won't repeat a policy idea from that debate in front of those crowds. they are not going to cheer for the newly moderate mitt positions. he can be eraser man all he wants and scrub away -- >> if he moves up in the polls i think they will cheer. >> i think they care -- if it gets him percentage points in the polls i think he will. >> there are debates coming up. he can't skate by on talking points in front of rallies of his own supporters, he's going to get pressed on this stomach presumablybly in the next tw debates and will have to enunciate some details of what he does embrace in terms of obama care. >> compassion or conservative won two elections in this country, severely conservative was tanking in this election. so this was move they had to make if they wanted to be
Oct 9, 2012 12:00pm EDT
because joe biden studied hard with a lot of the most leading liberal law professor and figured out what the right arguments were to beat bob bourque. he is good at applied intelligence, he wins most deefts baits he's in, he is unshackled with this debate in a way that the palin debate was problematic for him. they had to prepare him for palin by saying don't condescend her, don't come across like frank sinatra on aing very glass lounge state. you can't -- don't treat her like an idiot, don't treat her like a girl. all how you hold back. this debate is not like that. this debate i can go at this guy hard on policy and his inclination was to do that before the president's problem in denver, inclination is double that i don't mean personally, he's going to be very substantive and very much driven by numbers and policy contrasts. >> the policy issues are going to be forefrontier because for two years before romney was on the scene, obama was using the ryan budget as his foil, as the stand-in for the eventual republican candidate. why? because it slashes a lot of things that the public likes
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)